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Japanese woodblock print Teruhide Kato cherry blossom art ukiyoe

Symphony in Pink by Teruhide Kato


We're thrilled to be able to offer these beautiful newly created prints by Teruhide Kato in our Zusetsu Art store. The original company in Kyoto continues to print these iconic designs from the original carved woodblocks, with tremendous skill and care.


Teruhide Kato (19362015) studied at Kyoto Art College and became a famous kimono designer.


In later life he followed his passion, and he became a successful, traditional Kyoto woodblock artist.


He created striking imagery of architecture often juxtaposed with nature from his beloved hometown, the beautiful city of Kyoto.


  • Teruhide Kato’s woodblock prints are hand-printed on high quality Echizen paper.
  • This print has been newly printed from the original carved woodblocks (atozuri, later edition).
  • The print features the publisher’s seal.


This print features delicately printed gold ink lines beneath Kyoto's beautiful sakura blossoms.


The scene is reminiscent of the fencing near Tatsumi Bridge in Kyoto's Gion district. Here pink cherry blossoms cascade over the black and vermilion fencing, as the bridge spans the small Shirakawa stream which runs through Gion on its course to the Kamogawa.


    Color woodblock print

    Echizen Japanese paper



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