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Japanese woodblock print yasaka shrine kyoto snow

Snow at Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto


Snow at Yasaka Shrine by Tomikichiro Tokuriki


Yasaka Shrine is central to Kyoto's geiko district, Gion.


It is the heart of the summer's Gion Matsuri.


A blue dragon is believed to dwell beneath the Main Hall, helping to protect the city.


This beautiful woodblock print is by the well-known Kyoto artist, Tomikichiro Tokuriki. The woodblock print captures the same lightness of a watercolour feel that is typical of so many of his scenes of his home city. It's the style of art that he called 'Kyoto shin-hanga'.


He has captured snow at Yasaka Shrine in Gion beautifully, contrasting the snowflakes with the striking vermilion gate.


    Original colour woodblock print.

    The art is vintage but appears in good condition.

    14cm ×9cm.


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