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Snowy Pagoda


This is a small, winter landscape of the entrance to a temple precincts with a bright red pagoda raising up behind the trees.


The washi that the image has been printed onto has an interesting horizontal texture, which slightly gives the appearance of fabric. The black colour printing is softened by the horizontal fibres of the washi.


It's a beautifully drawn print, and the colours are a limited pallette of blue-greys and vermilion reds and soft black, which capture the winter scene as the flakes of snow fall.


Snowy Pagoda

  • Vintage original colour woodblock.

    The art is vintage but is in good condition. It would look lovely mounted in a small frame. There is a slight crease to the right of the image.

    8.2 cm × 13 cm (not including border of approximately 5mm).


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