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mount fuji woodblock print art ukiyoe

Mount Fuji and the Pine


Mount Fuji and the Pine


Soft shades of grey surround the grduated blue of the lake and the soft violet of the mountain.


Beautiful Mount Fuji stands overlooking the gentle water. The mountain is printed with two shades of lilac.


The pine, that is a symbol of strength and longevity in Japan, stands in the foreground, and the gentle browns and greens are picked up in the simply drawn boats and the trees in the distance.



    Vintage original colour woodblock.

    The art is vintage but is in good condition. It would look lovely mounted in a small frame.

    There is a very slight crease to the right of the mountain which looks like it was made in the printing process.

    There are a few very light water spots to the left in the sky.

    But it is a beautiful piece and would create a lovely gift.

    10.35 cm × 15.9 cm (not including border of approximately 3mm).


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