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Daimonji Kyoto by Kinoshita Akira, Heisei era.


In this original woodblock print, the view is through a villa as maiko gaze across the city of Kyoto to the Daimonji lit up on the mountainside. 


Daimonji light up five of the mountains that ring the city on three sides. On the last day of Obon the firelight guides the spirits of loved ones back to the other world. The fires have been lit in this way for centuries and is a special time in the Kyoto calendar.


This is a beautifully drawn woodblock print by Kinoshita Akira, from the Heisei era.


The colours of the maiko's kimono and obi in vermilion, pale green, and raw umber draw the eye to the lit up city swathed in inky blue. 


Here at Zusetsu we aim to offer affordable art so that everyone can have an original piece of Japanese art in their home.



Daimonji Kyoto

  • Vintage original colour woodblock.

    The art is vintage but is in good condition. It would look lovely mounted in a small frame. 

    Image size: 9.6 cm × 15 cm 

    Print size: 10.2 cm x 17.5cm


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